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Our Services

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Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering



Mechanical Installation

Mechanical Installation

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​Project Start-up
  • Planning and feasibility studies

  • Generate, review, evaluate project specifications

  • Review and check drawings

  • Evaluate contractor’s procedures

  • Evaluate material submittals

  • Evaluate skill level of contractor and provide training if necessary

  • Evaluate fabrication facility

  • Inspect fabrication materials and equipment

  • Supervise personnel qualification procedures

  • Check Space management / installation hierarchy conventions

  • Vendor audits and perform factory acceptance Test (FAT)

Site Management
  • Plan, manage and execute construction activities

  • Manage project schedule and site activities

  • Enforce space management, installation hierarchy conventions

  • Continuous auditing of contractor and documentation

  • Monitoring of material and storage areas

  • Set-up and maintenance of site QA program

  • Single point of contact for construction and installation issues

  • Monitor cleanroom protocol

  • Inspection of tools and equipment

  • Off-site audits of suppliers

Qualifications & Close-out
  • Third Party QA/QC

  • Specification Review & Development

  • Material, Site & Source Inspections

  • Material Testing & Failure Analysis

  • Welding Inspection & Qualifications

  • Boroscopic Inspections

  • Analytical Testing

  • System punch lists 

  • Verify installation with correct components, supports, labels, and ensure system routing and design conforms to requirements

  • Support training and handover

  • Project documentation/close-out



Design & Engineering
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  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services

  • Space Management

  • Computer Aided Design & Drafting

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Cleanroom Design & Engineering

  • HVAC System Design & Engineering

  • Facility System Design & Engineering

  • Process System Design & Engineering

  • High Purity System Design & Engineering

  • Piping System Design & Engineering

  • Equipment Design & Engineering

Before & After​


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  • Process Skids & Modular Construction

  • PP, PVDF or PVC Customized Design and Fabrication

  • Stainless Steel Customized Design and Fabrication

  • Chemical, Slurry, Solvent and Gas Dispense Systems

  • Chemical Dip Tube Stations

  • Source Containment Module Exhaust

  • Sump Pump System

  • Day Tank Cabinets

  • Chemical & Solvent VMBs (PP, PVC or Stainless Steel)

  • Valve Manifolds (PFA and Stainless Steel)

Mechaical installation
SS Chem 01.HEIC


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  • Ultra High Purity Piping (PFA, Stainless Steel and PVDF)

  • Thermoplastic Piping (PVC, CPVC and PP)

  • Stainless Steel Piping Installation

  • Double Containment PVC or Stainless Steel and Inner Containment PFA Tubing Installation

  • PCW Piping Installation (PVC, PP, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel)

  • Process Vacuum and Abatement system

  • Equipment hook-up and process tie-in (Utility gases, Drain System, Process Chemicals & Process Gases)

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